Describe your family holiday table!!!! 100 words !! VA ROG AJUTATIMA....IMI TREBUIE URGENT!!!

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                My family holiday table
    The holidays are very important for my family.
    We do so many healthy and good food, cakes,chicken meat or a special meal from Romania called ,,sarmale''. I like them so much !
   My mother likes to put the most beautiful forks for our guests. 
   My father works in the garden, or in the front of the house to prepare it for the special day.
   I like to ring my friends and to invite them to our holiday table, full of delicious foods. We also have nuts and seeds.
   I am so curious to see the presents, but also to eat the food, and to relax with my friends, who likes our holiday table so much.
   We are so excited for that day !