Construiti cate o propozitie cu fiecare structura de mai jos ( propozitiile sa fie in engleza ) : absent from; according to; accuse sb of (doing ) sth ; advantage of ; advice on/against ; afraid of sb/sth; agree about /to/ on stv ; agree with sb; aim at sb/ sth ; bad at sth ; ban sb from sth; begin with; believe in sth ; belong to sb ;amazed at/by sth ; angry at/ with sb for( doing) sth ; annoyed about sth ; annoyed with sb for doing sth ; anxious about sth ; apologise to sb for ( doing) sth; apply to sb for sth ; argue with sb about sth ; blame sb/ sth for sth ; (put the) blame on sb/sth; boast about/of; bored with sth; barrow sth from sb ; arrive at a small place (BUT arrive home ); arrive in a big place ; ashamed of sb/sth; ask sb for sth ( BUT adk sb a question ) ; astonished at / by sth; aware of sth ; brilliant at sth ; bump into sb/sth ; busy with . Din cele 36 de structuri de mai jos ,daca faceti cu 25 ar fi bine ! Adica nu ineaparat cu toate ..cel putin 20 ! Multumesssc !!!

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